5/15 Added a Furniture tab!!

4/30 Added all current in game Motifs, expanded the Enchanting tab to include all runes, and  added Jester’s Festival to holiday’s.

4/24 Hello Update is complete!!! I also updated the Set items tab, I am now listing set items as Listings instead of Purchased. What this means is. Im am collecting the data as what is listed on trader not sold and collected an average price. There is also a lowest listed and highest listed, because I wanted you to see the range that some of the items have. With collecting the set data this allows for me to give the traits, which I posted the most popular/desired traits used.

There is now an android app available here. And an apple app available here. If you want a quick response on a price check or other inquiry, you can find me now on facebook.


ESO Price Check is a simple-to-use spreadsheet that samples weekly sales data from top tier trading guilds.

This site is merely a tool to help aid buyers/sellers in current market trends, with recommended pricing ranges attached to each item. Since I do not currently record medians or compare bulk sales vs. single item sales, the data listed may not be a true reflection of current market value.