** A note on low-level crafting mats: I’ve had a couple people message me questioning my price points on refined mats. I’ll let y’all in a on a little secret of the trade: split your stacks in quantities no higher than 50. This data is always going to skewed by sellers moving stacks as small as 10 for as much as 1k. My general rule of thumb is to split everything except V14-16 mats and leathers into stacks of 50. Cloth mats I sell 50 for 2k, blacksmithing mats 50 for 1.5k, and wood 50 for 1k. You could do even better splitting into smaller stacks.

Cloth Mats

Jute 50 5-10k/stack
Flax 100 5-10k/stack
Cotton 100 5-12k/stack
Spidersilk 105 5-10k/stack
Ebonthread 100 3-6k/stack
Kresh Fiber 74 3-5k/stack
Ironthread 44 3-5k/stack
Silverweave 41 3-5k/stack
Void Cloth 21 2-3k/stack
Ancestor Silk 64 10-14k/stack
Raw Cloth 126 8-12k/stack
Raw Ancestor Silk 212 18-25k/stack

Leather Mats

Rawhide 25 3-5k/stack
Hide 110 4-8k/stack
Leather 100 2-4k/stack
Thick Leather 100 2-4k/stack
Fell Hide 60 4-8k/stack
Topgrain Hide 26 2-4k/stack
Iron Hide 35 2-4k/stack
Superb Hide 56 4-8k/stack
Shadowhide 28 2-4k/stack
Rubedo 153 4-7k/stack
Scraps 160 8-10k/stack
Rubedo Scraps 195 14-18k/stack

Blacksmithing Mats

Iron 89 4-8k/stack
Steel 133 4-8k/stack
Orichalcum 50 3-5k/stack
Dwarven 102 4-8k/stack
Ebony 50 4-8k/stack
Calcinium 50 3-5k/stack
Galatite 40 3-5k/stack
Quicksliver 100 3-5k/stack
Voidstone 100 3-4k/stack
Rubedite 70 4-8k/stack
Ore 84 18-22k/stack
Rubedite Ore 99 20-23k/stack

Wood Mats

Maple 60 3-5k/stack
Oak 100 4-8k/stack
Beech 95 3-5k/stack
Hickory 37 4-8k/stack
Yew 45 3-5k/stack
Birch 70 3-5k/stack
Ash 100 4-8k/stack
Mahogany 80 3-5k/stack
Nightwood 25 3-5k/stack
Ruby Ash 71 4-7k/sstack
Wood, Rough 86 12-16k/stack
Ruby Ash, Rough 120 14-18k/stack